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Industrial Cleaning, Jetting and Cable Hauling

All of Hydro Excavac’s trucks have a rotary jetting system set up, we can unblock and clean pipes, up to 450mm diameter, while simultaneously remove residue, leaving pipelines clean and clear. We can adjust the pressure and apply a range of jetting nozzles to get the job done.

HYDRO EXCAVAC have operators that are qualified to undertake confined space entry to manually clean storm water pipelines.

HYDRO EXCAVAC can clean machinery, pits, drains, tanks, concrete, building exteriors, footpaths and driveways using high pressure water blasting.

Installing new underground cable through existing conduits, not a problem we can assist in your cable hauling jobs. HYDRO EXCAVAC can also clean conduits, and apply vacuum to pull cable rope through.

hot tar spill cleanup

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