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Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation also known as vacuum excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation whereby a Vacuum Loading System works in conjunction with a high-pressure water rotary jet that lances into the ground and removes water and soil as it excavates.

HYDRO EXCAVAC is able to safely excavate a specific area with precision…exact size and shape without either disturbing or causing damage to any underground infrastructure.
Our purpose built vacuum excavators are designed and manufactured in Australia to excavate Aussie ground with ease. HYDRO EXCAVAC does not compromise on the safety of underground assets. We excavate at Telstra and Ergon Energy approved safe working pressures of 2,000psi, and are at least 2 times faster and efficient than other vacuum excavator trucks.

HYDRO EXCAVAC has a fleet of vacuum excavators ranging from compact 2WD, for those tight spots in town, to high clearance 2wd & 4wd trucks for the difficult off road jobs.

We specialise in excavating safely and non-destructively in confined spaces including

  • In and around pipes and cables running in various directions, excavate under buildings, roads, under bore footpaths and driveways.
  • Excavate exact size and shape – footings and trenches for pipe and cable installations….as long, deep and wide as you need.
  • If there is no room to work on the work site, we have the capacity to work up to 100m away from the truck.
  • We have BMA and Anglo American Mine compliant Vacuum Excavator truck and operators available.

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